How to keep our children entertained during the holidays?

Dear Parents,

Having less choices due to Covid can have its limitations but this article is to help you find more real pleasure in spending time with your children, especially if your child is a primary school child.

Remain active physically and mentally.

Firstly during school breaks/holidays it is important that your child remains active both physically and mentally. I would like to give you some pointers regarding the mental aspects.

To help your child develop new skills try the website “No Brain Too Small”  it is a fun site with lots of what I call “useless information” but it is amusing.

Again for primary school children there is “Tynker” which teaches you child programming in a fun way. There is also “Code Academy” which lets your child code for free.

If your child is artistic or creative there is “Sketch pad” that can be found in a number of different languages where your child can draw, edit or design to his/her heart’s content. And for the budding photographers among you there is “PicsArt” which is a photo editing tool.

As taking a flight to far of lands is out of the question for now and the near foreseeable future, let’s not let it impede our curiosity when it comes to your child exploring our wonderful world. The “Smithsonian’s National Zoo” and the “Conservation Biology Institute” have live streaming of various exotic animals.

Or it your child fancies a more cultural twist to his/her exploration, he/she can always take a virtual tour of the “Louvre Museum” or be within earshot of Queen Elizabeth at “Buckingham Palace“.  Who needs the TGV to Paris or a flight to London? It’s all at your child’s fingertips!

Those children who are of a more out-doorsy type can visit the webcam in the “Yellowstone National Park” as well as there being a number of Earth cameras linked to “National Marine Sanctuaries” – so watch some underwater marvels.

And after all that your child may want to delve into some reading before going to bed. There is a good app call “Borrow Box“, allowing you to download a great variety of Ebooks.

I hope this helps you all and that you have hopefully found a few pointers here. Our next article is devoted to the physical and mental well-being of your child  – be he/she 1 year or 16 years old !

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