Practical tips for your teenager’s wellbeing.

Being healthy, happy and getting the most of our life is what we all want for our children. You as a member of a family unit can apply the following on a regular basis.


Encourage your child to maintain links with their friends and make new friends. This is very important as it gives your child’/teenager a sense of belonging to a community.

Try the following :

  • Once a week have a family meal and your teenager can invite a friend
  • Have a family games night one evening, you organise it and make it really attractive/good and then ask your teenager to organise the next one.

Be active

Regular exercise has been proven to lower rates of anxiety and depression. Make sure your teenager makes times for regular exercise – go out, explore nature together.

Try the following :

  • Jogging, hiking, swimming
  • Play a sport together
  • Go camping or glamping


Notice the little things – be grateful that your child emptied the dish-washer or tidied his/her room.

Try the following :

  • Encourage your child to think of 3 things they are grateful for each day
  • Teach you child to notice people who make them happy or return the favour
  • Teach you child to meditate

Never stop learning

This encourages self-esteem, encourages social interaction and helps your teenager livre a more active life.

Try the following :

  • Taking up a new hobby as a family
  • Ask you child to teach you one of his computer games
  • Visit cultural hubs with you child in your area
  • Learn about the history of your community/find out about your family history


By giving we get so much in return ! Sounds paradoxical doesn’t it! It gives us a sense of meaning and real purpose. Giving your time to a cause your child feels strongly about or giving kindness will help your child develop and understand empathy.

Try the following :

  • Helping at school events
  • Support the elderly, they have such a wealth of knowledge
  • Give your time as a family to a cause that is important for you
  • Challenge everyone in the family to do something kind for someone else
  • Connect

  • Be active

  • Practice mindfullness

  • Never stop learning

  • Giving

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