École Riviera is committed to providing its pupils with a rounded intellectual, physical, emotional and social education. With this aim, we work together with parents and local and international partners. Our mission is to awaken in each of our pupils a constant desire to discover and learn that will put them on track for personal success whilst ensuring respect for others. At École Riviera, each child’s talents are recognised and developed through intellectual, physical and artistic activities.

In any undertaking, things do not always turn out as planned, and so our pupils develop in an environment where mistakes are permitted but where they are also given the opportunity and resources to correct them. This helps them to develop self-confidence and move forward. Our expectations are high and each member of the school community is encouraged to maximise their potential.

As far as the school community is concerned, École Riviera strives to promote the fundamental values of truth and respect for others, whilst helping our pupils to develop their independence and analytical learning skills. We are constantly developing our programmes to ensure that our pupils will be ready for tomorrow’s world.

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Teaching is focused not only on knowledge, but also on the skills needed to facilitate the development of each child.



I respect others, the world around me and myself.

Respect, to allow each child to develop positive relationships with family, friends, teachers and the world around them. Acceptance towards others, each child will be able to afrm their differences and uniqueness.


I am curious and I am developing research and investigative skills.

Investigation, because in a world where information is readily available in large quantities, the ability to organise, analyse, plan and collect the right information is paramount.


I make firm decisions and overcome obstacles to apply and succeed.

In our school, we highlight the Vigour displayed by our students and reinforce this attitude positively as soon as we can because it is the drive of any successful and sustainable actions or learning.


I think and act alone according to my personal principles and judgments.

Independence, "Learning to Learn" is a primordial quality throughout our life and a student who develops a certain independence will develop curiosity and intellectual creativity.


I am sensitive to the feelings and experiences of another person.

Teaching Empathy is very important because it allows our students to build strong relationships with their peers and teachers and thus reinforces a sense of security for learning in the school. This reinforces tolerance for others and reduces the risk of bullying in our school.


I am honest and I am responsible for my actions and those of my peers.

Responsibility, as we implement it in Riviera, allows students to become aware of their duties, to accept the positive and negative consequences of their actions and to be aware of them.


I take on challenges, adapt to changes and explore new ideas alone or cooperatively.

Becoming an Adventurer in their intellectual and physical life is an essential value of our school. We push and help students to engage in new challenges, explore new ideas and make decisions with condence; no matter how important they are because there is no small victory.


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