Primary school

Make your life a dream, and the dream a reality 

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In the primary school, lessons are in French and English. Our goal is to build a solid academic foundation and develop effective methodologies with regard to independent learning strategies.

Our programmes are designed to enable the children to acquire solid foundation of their education.  A modern computer room helps to promote this essential aspect in every class. There are frequent curriculum-focused study trips as learning in Ecole Riviera extends beyond the confines of the classroom.

The transition cycle (Years 7 to 8) is intended to cover two years and prepare the pupils for starting secondary school. The focus is on consolidating foundations in languages and mathematics and on gaining an insight into the world we live in, as well as on developing critical faculties that are essential if they are to have a smooth path to adulthood in a constantly changing environment.

From Year 5 onwards, students have the added advantage of German lessons in their weekly lesson plans.

The following subjects are taught on a weekly basis:

French, mathematics, English, German, science, history, geography, art and crafts, physical education (including swimming), music and information and communication technology.

Academic aspects

  • Rigorous bilingual curriculum that enables pupils to continue their studies in public school or internationally
  • Regular learning assessments
  • Experienced teachers who teach in their mother tongue
  • Teaching by specialist teachers (sport, art, music)
  • Individual monitoring and support (remedial courses in small groups for mathematics, French and English)

Cultural and linguistic aspects

  • Diversity of a multicultural environment
  • Reflections on language teaching

Logistical aspects

  • Classes from 8.25am to 3.30pm apart from Wednesday when classes end at midday
  • Opportunity to attend supervised homework sessions or after-school clubs
  • Childcare before and after school: from 7am (breakfast can be provided) to 6pm
  • After-school activities on-site on Wednesday afternoons from midday to 6pm
  • Hot school meal supervised by teaching staff