“La Marelle” nursery seeks to be more than just a reception service. It has a number of different aims relating to the wellbeing and physical and psychological development of the child. Its role, in collaboration with the child’s family, is to help them to develop their individual personality whilst at the same time creating a climate of trust with the parents and the child. 

In order to feel comfortable, the child needs to develop at his or her own pace. The quality of the reception class is key to the child having a good day. It is important to listen to the child and his or her parents. Regular exchanges of information with the parents are essential in helping teaching staff to respond as best they can to the different needs of the child.


Opening days and times

La Marelle is open Monday to Friday from 7.15am to 6.15pm.

We ask that the children arrive no later than 9am so that they can get their bearings and follow the programme for the day that has been drawn up by the teaching staff. Similarly, when it is time for them to go home, we ask that the parents arrive no later than ten minutes before the daycare closes, thus leaving plenty of time to discuss the day’s events.

Number of day nursery places

22 children divided into three groups:

  • 5 babies aged 3 months / 18 months
  • 7 children aged 18-24 months /30-36 months, the “toddlers”
  • 10 children aged 30-36 months up to admission to infant school, “the big children”



The day nursery is closed:

  • for three weeks in the summer (the first three weeks in August)
  • on the Monday of the weekend of Jeûne fédéral
  • for two weeks at Christmas
  • during Easter weekend
  • Ascension Thursday and Ascension Friday
  • Pentecost

Our team

Contact us

For all questions about the day nursery, please contact Mrs Gaëlle Vernay, Head of Nursery, on +41 21 961 18 72 or at

To contact your child’s reception group directly, please call 021/961 18 62 (groupe des Filous) and +41 21 961 19 93 (groupe des Minibouts et Calinous).